Housing Crisis

Today in the Jollof Cafe two households of newly arrived asylum seekers came looking for housing. All told there were 6 adults (4 women, 2 men), 3 children and 1 unborn baby. They all have strong connections to Brighton and no chance of getting Asylum Seeker Service housing anywhere near hear. Their eligibility for ASS housing precludes them from housing from the council, even if the council had any housing. It’s one of the big reasons we set up T4K. Unfortunately we are currently spending all of our monthly income (and a little more) supporting our existing residents and others in need. We don’t have a spare £3000/month. Here’s how you can help…

  1. Spread this call out on facebook, twitter, instagram, carrier pigeon, etc… We need to reach as many people as possible. Every share, every tweet is precious.
  2. Give a little every month. Small change makes a big difference. You can sign up here.
  3. Offer a room in your house. Even if you can’t have everybody, it will make it easier for others to host the reminder. The adults know that they might not be able to live together. You can get in touch directly here, but we’ll be referring to Room for Refugees and Refugees at Home, so do sign up with them.
  4. Offer your spare house. I know that keeping one house going is a struggle, but if you do have an empty home, this would be a wonderful use for it.