If you have a spare room, could you host somebody?

In a dream world we would be able to rent accommodation for everybody who needs it. In an ideal world, there wouldn’t be a need for the project at all. Unfortunately, we live in the hostile environment. The need for accommodation far outstrips what we can afford. We do need hosts.

Hosting for a few months or a year

We generally use hosting schemes for people who are not going to be in the system for too long. In practice, that means first time asylum seekers and people who have appeal dates listed. People in those situations need hosting between three months and a year. For these medium to long-term placements, we use one of two national schemes:

We use the former more than the latter, because they will help asylum seekers who are eligible for Home Office accommodation. There is no Home Office accommodation in Brighton. Most of our people are trying to stay in Brighton because they have good connections here. We are looking for hosts precisely so that people don’t have to move away from their existing networks.

Hosting for a few weeks

We also need hosts who can provide a couple of weeks emergency cover. It can be a useful stopgap whilst we try to sort out a medium-term option. In the stopgap case, we maintain the database ourselves. We will always meet you and talk the issues through with you before making any placement.

We are experienced at assessing and referring people for hosting. We make sure that we know the individuals well and are in regular contact with them before we make any placement. We expect them to make a full disclosure of any relevant information. If we discover that there’s been any omission, the placement is terminated.

Want to know more?

It’s important to us that hosts recognise that they are in control. There is no obligation on you to share your own house with a stranger. If it’s not working, we end it. Guests are made aware that there is no expectation of an indefinite placement. Having said that, most placements have been very rewarding for both host and guest. It is a fabulous opportunity to meet extraordinary people. Close friendships have been formed, eyes opened and numerous recipes shared.

If you do have a spare room and you want more information, please get in touch.