Can you spare £1 a month?*

Join us in fighting homelessness and destitution among forced migrants

The problem

In Britain, around 6,000 people per year are refused asylum but are not able to return home. With no right to work to support themselves, no right to rent accommodation and no access to state benefits, people become destitute. Read more about why we are needed.

A lot of people in this situation have a case to stay in Britain, but cannot quickly prove it. Many people face street homelessness and risk of exploitation by people traffickers and employers. The number of homeless people in Brighton in this situation is in double figures.

We want this to change.

The idea

For every 1000 people who donate £1 a month*, we’ll have £1000 a month to spend on rent.

We’ve been putting this idea into practice since 2016. In 2017 we registered as a charity and in 2018-19 we helped 39 people with housing and other direct support. Having a safe home has helped our residents find the stability to sleep and eat better, and be in a better position to deal with their legal cases.

Our experience shows that this idea works. But more needs to be done.

We need to increase our income so that we can house more of Brighton’s most vulnerable people. There are plenty more people who need help.

Together we can change this!

*Don’t feel you have to limit your donation to £1 a month! If you can donate more, we will be able to help more people.