#T4Ceilidh – T4K June update

Hello everybody, I apologise profusely for the lack of newsletter, although perhaps one less item of correspondence is not such a terrible tragedy. I have made an effort to pen …

A Black Lives Matter protestor holds up a sigh sayinh, 'We won't take it anymore'

In defense of Freedom — T4K Jan Update

We have been busy as always supporting people to build their home in Brighton. Because it has been particularly cold, we helped people buy heaters and blankets and other useful things to help you get through the cold snap. It was particularly important for the men housed in Brighton by the Home Office. The houses are so poorly equipped and in at least one the boiler is on the blink that some heaters and blankets and a very long way.

Luqman, a black man in his thirties, leaning on a white wall

Luqman Stays — Forever

One of our members and residents, Luqman Onikosi, has finally won his fight to assert his right to live in the UK. Here’s what Luqman had to say: 28th of …