Our Care & Support group volunteers are the people who work directly with our residents.

The Care & Support group includes Sue, Annie, Jenny, Jacob, Anke, Derek, Lauren, Aiden, Cath and Ella.

Volunteering in the Care & Support group can involve:

  • Being a key contact person for a resident or family of residents. The contact person will meet regularly with the residents to see how they are getting on and help them find help they need to progress their immigration case or deal with any other issues.
  • Talking to landlords and letting agents to find new homes for people who need them.
  • Managing properties – getting accounts set up for utilities, making sure everything is working OK
  • Helping people move house, finding suitable furniture for residents

If you would like to volunteer in the Care & Support group, please fill in our volunteer application form and we will be in touch soon. We’ll ask you for some more details and references and arrange a meeting with one of the existing volunteers.

Or you can use the same form to volunteer to help out with the Publicity group, Events group or Admin group