Luqman Stays — T4K Oct Update

A very happy Halloween to you all. It occurred to me that I almost always have a celebration for which I can wish you joy as a way of opening these newsletters. I rather like that. The festivals that I know about come from a fairly limited subset of traditions, but every tradition has its feasts. I think that is wonderful. It shows that humans, whatever their circumstances, find ways to be with each other and express joy. Winter is coming, which is big news, if true. Given the circumstances we going to need more than our average quotient of joy to make it through the dark days ahead.


Kindness like Asparagus Grows

Ramadan Kareem. It is rather strange to find that the start of summer does not include the Brighton Festival. These are strange times indeed. I very much hope that you …

The Mother of Burtyatia statue, Siberia. A stone statue of a woman making a gesture of welcome By Аркадий Зарубин - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Mobilising The Community

Thousand 4 1000 has been running for three years now. It is a definite success. We have housed over 25 refugees and other forced migrants in that period. We’ve had …