Students Care

One of our newest volunteers, Jimmy, is a first-year student at the University of Sussex. Interested in the shocking disparities in material comfort between the haves of this world and the have-nots, he’s decided to explore what it means to have a budget of £1 per day for food in the run-up to Christmas. Here is what Jimmy has to say:

Thanks to being raised in middle-class family in a 1st-world country, the build-up to Christmas and Christmas itself is more than comfortable. Plenty of great food, drinks and a warm house which I can call home. 

Theresa May set out to make, in her words, a ‘really hostile enviornment’ for refugees, cruelly denying undocumented migrants access to NHS, banking, social security benefits and education and preventing those without the right paperwork from working or renting from a private landlord.  Life is not fair for refugees. 

As well as your generous donation, I CHALLENGE YOU and a friend to live off £1 each day for 3 days, 5 days or a week or more. Using the hashtags #thousand41000 and #Getthemwarm  

Jimmy is hoping that his challenge will inspire people to share some of their spare change with people targeted by the U.K.’s. immigration system. You can do that through his gofundme page or by making a donation directly to us. You can find our bank details on the donate page.

You can also support Jimmy by texting COMFORT to 70450 to donate £5 Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message. Or add your own amount after the word COMFORT – eg to donate £20, text COMFORT 20 to 70450

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