Publicity group

Our Publicity group volunteers help to spread the word and attract new donors.

Volunteering in the Publicity group can involve:

  • Keeping the website up to date
  • Managing our Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Publicising events - using Facebook, Eventbrite, and good old-fashioned posters
  • Designing flyers and reports about our work
  • Writing press releases and contacting the media
  • Speaking or running stalls at meetings and other events

If this side of things appeals to you, we would love more volunteers.

Please fill in the form on our volunteer sign up page and tick the box for Publicity group. We'll be in touch shortly to arrange a time for you to meet up with an existing volunteer for a chat about what you can help with.

Some people in the Publicity group are also full members of the charity - they attend monthly meetings and help make decisions about the direction of the organisation. If you want to become a full member, you'll need a Basic DBS Check certificate. If you have one already, please bring it when you meet us. If not, we can help you sort this out before you start coming to meetings.