I am a serial volunteer. In the last 20 years I have volunteered for at least a dozen organisations; in fact even my “day job” is mainly voluntary! I see volunteering in general as a sort of “giving back”. I am a member of the much-maligned “baby boomers” generation which is often blamed for, in some way (totally mysteriously to me), grabbing all the goodies that were meant for future generations; so I volunteer in order to make a contribution that might benefit those made less fortunate by the timing of their birth.

With T4K it’s a little different; we are helping people who find themselves on the receiving end of a vicious, racist “hostile environment” policy promulgated not by a particular generation, but by a group of people desperate to prop up their privileges by reference to fictional “national” and “ethnic” identities.

We are citizens of the world, and it is our duty to help our fellow-citizens if we can.

Jim (T4K treasurer)