You, Me and Those Who Came Before

This event has been organised by our friends at the Sussex Refugee and Migrant Self Support Group and the Jollof Cafe.

Their description of the event is:

We want to challenge the conventional perceptions of migration. We all move. We are all migrants. We want to build a movement that resists the racism of borders and celebrates diversity and human freedom.

We have put together a panel of activists, thinkers and human rights practitioners to give an overview of current situation, a glimpse of the future and to start build a path ahead.

1) Zouhir Masri - Syrian refugee journalist
The portray of Syrian conflict and refugee in the media

2) Dr. Jacob Berkson - co-founder of Thousand 4 1000 (T4K)
The hostile environment and how to resist.

3) Dina Nayeri - author of Ungrateful Refugee
The issue around refugees’ stories not being believed, and the multitude of complexities that surrounds it.

4) Jerida - All African Women Group
Voluntary return and why the UK is using charities to enforce it.

5) Naqeeb Saide - Hummingbird Young Leader
Experience as an unaccompanied minor refugee

June 23, 2019 at 12pm - 2pm
The Old Courtroom
118 Church St
Brighton BN1 1UD
United Kingdom
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