Rivers of Bliss -- T4K June Update

Black lives matter protest in Macy's Herald Sq. A women holds a sign reading, "We won't take it anymore".

A very Glad Midsommar to all of you. It is a strange sort of Midsummer, one of sadness, anger, but also, I think, joy. It has certainly been very joyous with us at T4K.

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Kindness like Asparagus Grows

Ramadan Kareem. It is rather strange to find that the start of summer does not include the Brighton Festival. These are strange times indeed. I very much hope that you are managing to stay safe, that your loved ones are healthy and that the only adverse effect of the virus is the restriction on your social life. I appreciate that that is likely to be a forlorn hope.

We have lots of good news from T4K. The cup of kindness campaign continues. We have had around about £60 worth of new subscriptions this month. Unfortunately, the net is only about £30 because, understandably, people have had to reduce their donation. 

More great news is that Finnish filmmaker, Anna Lunden, made this wonderful short film about Thousand 4 1000 and the cup of kindness campaign. It gives us a little flavour of who we are and what we do.It’s also perfect for sharing with all of your friends. Do please spread it far and wide. There is a desperate need for more long-term housing and that means more money. On that note, I want to send a big thank you to everybody who uploaded something about why they support Thousand 4 1000. Do please keep them coming. Remember, you can email them to us or tag us in on Facebook and Twitter.


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A Cup of Kindness Film

A Cup of Kindness - February 2020 update

A Cup of Kindness

It is a new decade and a time of change. Here at Thousand 4 1000 we are launching a campaign to double our donor base and double our income by the end of the year. We are calling it the Cup Of Kindness campaign. That’s partly because asking people to give as little as a pound a month is not a very effective fundraising strategy, so we are going to change that by suggesting that people give us the price of a cup of coffee every month. You’re still welcome to give a pound of course. One of the points of the project is to show that there is no migrant crisis. The costs of being hospitable are minimal. Almost everybody can spare something and we want everybody to be involved. It’s mass action that brings change.

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T4K November Update -- More Friendship

I apologise profusely for the delay in sending out an update. I think that those apologies are mostly due to my indefatigable colleagues who have not shirked any of their responsibilities and who have kept T4K humming along. Thanks to your support and their efforts, T4K continues to make homes for the disposed in Brighton. There are two families and four single men being housed on your pound plus loads of other people hosted and/or assisted to make a life for themselves in our fair city.

One of the reasons I’ve been struggling to write these updates is that the immigration system and its brutality is wearing me down. We had two big victories back in September and I wanted to write to tell you about them, but as I started they came to seem more and more Pyrrhic. I’ll write about one of them because I think it perfectly encapsulates just how life denying our asylum system is.

A family look across a hostile sea towards a fortified, grey government building

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Another Laptop Wanted

A laptop by a windowOne of the families whom you are supporting would really love a laptop. As well as it being generally a useful thing to have, some of the family members are studying and could really use something to do their work on. I know that we are always asking for laptops, but if you can help that would be fantastic.

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10K 4 T4K

A woman standing on a residential street in a running outfit

One of our volunteers, Karen, is running the BM10km on Sunday morning which takes place earlier than the Brighton marathon.

Karen says:

I did it last year, but it will be a greater challenge this year as I have not trained (too much travelling!) and I have a bit of a foot issue. So my main aim is to complete it, one way or another. (Piggyback anyone??) I am using the run to raise money for 'A Thousand for a Thousand' (T4K). T4K is a small local charity which relies entirely on donations and supports homeless refugees and migrants. If you would like to make a donation please

  • Text KAREN followed by the amount you want to donate to 70085 (eg KAREN10 to donate £10)
  • Or checkout the various ways to become a monthly supporter of T4K, shown on our donate page

If you happen to spot me running please give me an encouraging wave!

Thank you very much,


Daneal’s Journey: a story of family reunion

The family:

Rasoul = the dad, mid-thirties

Daneal = the son, 9 years old

Nasrin = the mum, mid-thirties

Rozha = the daughter, 10 years old

Malihereza = paternal grandma, mid-seventies

1. Welcome to Brighton….

Daneal, a football fan, went to see Brighton and Hove Albion play in February 2018.

A local supporter of T4K - also a big BHA fan! - secured tickets for him and his dad to attend the match. He provided transport, the team “gear”, and helped them find their seats amongst the 20,000+ crowd. BHA won – and so finally have Daneal and Rasoul, but it’s an ongoing struggle…

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Mobilising The Community

Thousand 4 1000 has been running for three years now. It is a definite success. We have housed over 25 refugees and other forced migrants in that period. We’ve had two babies with a third on the way. Half of those people have moved on from T4K support to the next stage in their journey. Brighton and Hove can be very, very proud of the project.

We need to do more and we need to do it urgently. There are currently three people, two women and one man, who need a room of their own. Both of the women are long-term residents of our city, 13 years and 17 years respectively. Neither have Leave to Remain, although both have been pursuing Leave for a long time. If we didn’t live in such a stupid system, both would have been recognised as refugees when they first arrived. Both of them have been living in houses that their friends have been renting for them. Both have lost their home because the landlord is selling up. They need somewhere else to live and their friends can no longer support them. The man has been one of us for three years. He is another one who should have been recognised as a refugee. He has made a fresh claim for refugee status, but that takes ages and meanwhile he needs somewhere to live.

The Mother of Burtyatia statue, Siberia. A stone statue of a woman making a gesture of welcomeBy Аркадий Зарубин - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=22968703

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A Valentine evening with ‘refugees’

A black banner with large white letters spelling 'refugees'. The banner has a rainbow fringe

Whilst most people celebrated a romantic Valentines Day with their partners, around a hundred people gathered at the event ‘Refugee Valentine’ in the evening of this February 14th in Brighton, organised by Sussex Refugee and Migrant Self Support Group, a group of led by migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, to celebrate love and embrace diversity.

Walking into the independent, artist-led bar Rose Hall, I could immediately sense the rich cultural dynamics and warm hospitality. A rainbow-background stage with a big sign ‘Love Refugees’, colorful balloons brightening up the space, and several paintings, done by a local migrant artist, displayed along the wall. Large bowls of home cooked vegan soup and curry were being served and shared among everyone in the spirit of community. People are from various backgrounds and skin colours, with a wide range of ages and sexualities, together celebrating their differences.

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