Ali comes home

It’s a journey that started 11 years ago with him swimming from Iran to Turkey; a journey which has now, with the community’s support, reached its terminus. Ali, who needed your help to pay the enormous fees on an application for settlement, received his Indefinite Leave to Remain. Finally, a Palestinian from Gaza won the second appeal in his asylum claim. Despite the fact that he comes from a war zone, was a clear target of Hamas, for both political and religious reasons, had met and married a British woman and suffers  from an aggressive version of MS, it took the UK 16 years to decide that he was in need of international protection. It has been an emotional month.


Here's the letter Ali wrote to our supporters to raise money to fight his case.

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Abdul wins his case

Abdul arrived in this country seven years ago, as a teenager. He had, as it turned out, a cut and dried case for asylum simply based on his ethnic origins. He also had an extremely strong claim to asylum because of his political activities. What Abdul didn’t have is knowledge that he was literally in a legal fight for his life (that is literally a one in a million literal use of the word “literally”).

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Luqman wins the right to live

Dear Luqman Onikosi is the driving force behind the Solidarity supper and many other extraordinary events. After eight years of trying, he has finally won the right to appeal against the Home Secretary’s decision to deport him to his death. Luqman was diagnosed with hepatitis B in the middle of his degree course. His brothers have died of the same disease. There is no treatment available to Luqman in Nigeria.

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A victim of domestic violence is no longer a prisoner in her own home

She met a man. He promised her a new life. She followed him half way round the world to Europe. They had children and the violence started. She knew he had a temper, but perhaps it was her fault. Life in this strange country was bewildering. Perhaps she didn’t cook the food he liked. Perhaps she embarrassed him in front of his friends. Perhaps the children didn’t behave the way he expected. She could never get the hang of it. The abuse got worse.

Of course it wasn’t her fault. She told him that she would leave him. He laughed and said that she couldn’t because they would deport her back home. She had to stay with him if she wanted the kids to grow up in Britain. In the end, she called his bluff and walked out with the kids. She had to keep them safe.


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Father and Son who walked across Europe

Our second family won their right to a family reunion. The male half (father and son) and female half (mother and daughter) will no longer be separated. It has been an incredible and awful journey with all the nastiness of a trek across Europe, the Calais jungle and the brutality of the UK’s Home Office. Fortunately, it won’t be long now until they can start to rebuild their life.